The overview of the events for the year can be found below

School year

September 4th 2023 First day of school
September 29th 2023 Principal’s Day off
November 19th 2023 Informal parents and friends party
November 26th-27th 2023 Autumn break
December 7th 2023 Christmas workshops at White house
December 14th 2023 Christmas meeting at blue house
December 23rd - January 2nd Winter break
January 2nd - 5th 2024 Skiing trip to Kunčice for 4th graders
January 31st 2024 End of 1st semester
February 1st Principal’s Day off
February 2nd Half term break
February 5th - 9th Spring break
March 4th - 9th 2024 Skiing trip to Lofer for 6th graders
March 28th - April 1st Easter break
April 22nd - 26th 2024 Swimming course for 3rd grade
May 11th 2024 Fairtrade breakfast
May 13th - 17th 2024 School in nature for 2nd and 4th grade
May 13th - 17th 2024 Bielefeld
June 27th Last day of school
June 28th Principal's day off
July 1st - 26th 2024 Summer camps

Educational groups

February 14th 2024 1st Educational group
March 6th 2024 2nd Educational group
April 3rd 2024 3rd Educational group
May 22nd 2024 4th Educational group

Teachers' meeting

August 28th 2023 1st teachers' meeting
November 14th 2023 2nd teachers' meeting 1st-5th grade
November 15th 2023 2nd teachers' meeting 6st-8th grade
January 16th 2024 3rd teachers' meeting 1st-5th grade
January 17th 2024 3rd teachers' meeting 6st-8th grade
April 16th 2024 4th teachers' meeting 1st-5th grade
April 17th 2024 4th teachers' meeting 6st-8th grade
June 11th 2024 5th teachers' meeting 1st-5th grade
June 12th 2024 5th teachers' meeting 6st-8th grade

Parents´ evenings, office hours

Joint Parents´ evenings are at the beginning and at the end of the school year. All parents and teachers have a chance to meet together. Individual meetings of a child, parents and the teacher take place twice a year.

Open school

We do not have classic open house at the school. If you wish to visit us, get in touch and we can arrange a suitable date for any time of the year.

We are happy to welcome you at Labyrinth.

First grades enrolment

Enrolment for future first graders will be held on April 24th of 2024. There will be open two 1st grade classes with a capacity od 36 kids in this school year 2024/25.

KRITERIA for kids enrollment to first grade:

1. Priority is given to children who have older siblings already attending LABYRINTH SCHOOL.

2. Compliance with the long-term concept of the school.

Parents´ café

We organize theme-based afternoon cafés in cooperation with parents once in 3 months. We address various topics both from inside the classroom and teaching in general.