At Labyrinth, we respect individual needs of each child and try to let the children develop their maximal potential.

Labyrinth supports diversity and variety of perspectives, intrinsic motivation as a prerequisite for appreciation of life-long learning. We guide the pupils to find their own learning strategy, to plan and continuously evaluate the learning process, experience individual and team success. We are proud to serve as a platform for cooperation between the school, family and broader community and to introduce and share innovations in education.

Labyrinth secures safe and supportive environment for the children through collaboration of the school, parents, community and external partners.

Labyrinth School

Core values

Labyrinth cultivates the core values as they are the scaffolding for social and emotional competencies and competencies for the 21st century. Firm foundations of the values are interwoven with necessary knowledge that lead a person to become self-confident, anchored, open-minded, concerned citizen and most importantly self-directed learner.

Labyrinth School - Klíčové hodnoty


I act with respect to others and to myself. I believe in my own value and in an internal value of all people around me. I act honestly and fairly with respect to not only the environment but also feelings, culture and opinions of those who surround me.


I think about others, I’m aware of their needs and I sense their feelings. I am kind and empathetic to others.


I strive to achieve my personal maximal success and at the same time I am aware of my contribution and responsibilities for the success of the team, community I live in. I always try my best. I permanently want to improve. I am not afraid to attempt unfamiliar things. New opportunities are my stimuli for personal growth.


I adhere to common ethical principles. I do the right things at the right time and I am not scared to stand up for things I believe are right.


I am responsible to myself. I am honest and sincere and finish tasks I have started. I am responsible for my behavior towards people and environment that surround me.


I believe in myself. I know that when I make an effort to achieve something, I can do it. I know my strengths, that I develop, and weaknesses, that I work hard on. I am not afraid to accept new challenges. I can adapt to unexpected changes and perceive them as new chances.


I promote social cohesion. I appreciate co-operation, tolerant communication, and reciprocal trust. I see diversity as an opportunity for learning and growth.