School enrollment

The school enrollment is in the form of motivational interview during which we monitor school maturity and readiness of child for the beginning of compulsory education. The whole team of Labyrinth participates during the enrollment, including the future first grade teachers and colleagues from partner organisations. Students from the Faculty of Education at Masaryk University assist during the enrollment interviews in order to verify and apply their theoretical knowledge in practice lead by experienced teachers.

The motivational interview takes place on various stands where resting and kinetic activities alternate in order to motivatethe children for completing following tasks. The activities are set to provide enough data for school readiness assessment. Using a story, we try to monitor for example social emotional maturity - level of thinking skills, concentration and memory, correct pronunciation, recognizing and naming basic colours, mathematical preconceptions, knowledge of geometrical figures, counting to 10, correct pencil grip, either right of left laterality, graphomotor and locomotor skills, visual and aural analysis and synthesis, or experience with English.

The aim of the school enrollment is not to test children’s school readiness but only to monitor its level. The results will be taken into consideration when setting adequate support.