Labyrinth is located in a newly reconstructed building owned by the city of Brno on Žerotínovo square 6. After-school club and school canteen are a part of Labyrinth, too. The school reflects the latest development and trends in education, it is technically and materially well equipped. Labyrinth uses the most recent model of interactive touch panels and mobile tablet lab thanks to its partners. Classrooms and the school canteen are furnished with ergonomic and movable furniture that enables flexible manipulation and changes of layout that match various forms and methods of teaching. The school includes a specialized art studio with a kiln and a kinetic room.

Moreover, the school uses the facilities of the community center and its library, lecture hall and roof terrace on the sixth floor of the building on Žerotínovo square 6. Physical education and more sport activities take place at the gym and on the outdoor field of TJ Sokol I. on Kounicova 685/20. The school garden is located on Veveří 462/15 and belongs to Domov mládeže Petrinum.